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Weekend Walt Disney World Pack List

I'm heading on a weekend trip to Walt Disney World for work (I cannot believe I am stringing those words together in a sentence while talking about myself!). I'm hitting all four parks plus Disney Springs over 2 1/2 days.

I've put together some outfit ideas, extras to take along, and some other Disney packing tips I have collected through the years wearing many hats (ears) while on a Disney vacation as a kid, teen, nanny, adult, parent and, now, travel agent! While there I will be giving updates on Collecting Moments Travel. Follow along and let me know what you want to see or want reviews on!

Without further ado, here's my weekend pack list:

*all links included are commissioned Amazon links

Day one: Magic Kingdom, then park-hopping to Animal Kingdom.

I'm going with this adorable Minnie Mouse cheetah print shirt, matching ears and some high-waisted jean shorts. It has the Minnie Mouse vibe for Magic Kingdom and then transitions to Animal Kingdom with the cheetah print. I think it is so fun to match the aesthetic and overall theme of the parks. Most likely pairing this look with some comfy tennies.

Day Two: EPCOT then park-hopping to Hollywood Studios.

You know the children's story where the Mouse gets a cookie and then needs a cup of milk to go with it and then needs a straw and so on and so on... well I had an "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" moment with this outfit. First, I found the backpack. I knew it would be perfect for a trip to Disney, but I didn't have a great outfit to go with it. Then, I came across the shirt and knew I was going to need it to go with the backpack; that is how this cute Mickey ice cream outfit came about. Now if only I had some ice cream shoes....

Day three: Pool day, Disney Springs, and heading home.

I adore this Cupshe bathing suit and will tell anyone who will listen to me about it. So here's your link to the most flattering swimsuit! I like to bring a pair of waterproof sandals to wear down to the pool. A pro-tip I learned many trips ago is to always pack a tote flat in your suitcase. Then use it back and forth to the pool and if needed, to haul all the souvenirs home. This one is great because it is nylon, folds flat and is darling.

Some added necessities while at any Disney Park: I always pack a couple of these cheep disposable rain ponchos. Florida weather can be a little unpredictable so I like to have these with me in case of a sudden downpour.

With Genie+, reserving dining reservations, checking ride wait times, and taking photos on your phone, you will definitely need a portable charger. Just remember to charge it before taking it into the park with you (not that I know what it's like to carry around a dead phone and a dead charger or anything.)

Handheld fan -- genius! I use one for my kids' stroller but it dawned on me that I could toss this in my bag and take into the park to use while waiting in line or walking around. The perfect way to beat the Florida heat!

I also enjoy packing a reusable water bottle. I love the Simply Modern Disney patterns -- plus the lids don't leak so you can throw it in your bag and not worry about everything getting soaked. You can fill a water bottle for free at any quick service restaurant by asking for a couple cups of ice water or finding a drinking fountain typically located near the restrooms.

Health care necessities: Tylenol or ibuprofen are always good to have on hand. I found out during our last trip that I cannot ride rides like I use to! Luckily, I had some Non-Drowsy Dramamine on hand. It made riding the big rides and eating all the decadent food possible. Sunscreen -- obviously. But I really like a sport protection so it stays on while sweating and the spray makes it easy to apply through out the day. Baby wipes make a great addition to your bag at Disney. Clean up easily before heading into your restaurant reservation or whenever you need a refresh. And lastly, blister bandages. My husband likes to tell a story about how the first time he went to Disney with me he had blisters on all sides of his feet, even the tops! I swear I warned him about all the walking beforehand.

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